Katie Doyle-From MTV's (RW/RR)

Sarah Rice-Also in MTV's (RW/RR)

Who Is Deadliest?


Katie is the winner of Inferno & Veranica say this that. Witch that made her very angrey also she been in a fight with our next Challenger. Sarah is the runner up on The Ruins. In Fresh Meat II/Cutthoat/Rivals she made a frined with Laurel & Katelynn Blad was he enamy but they work it out.

X FactoreEdit

This ant no ladys night this is computerized ladys battle.

  1. Wight-Same shape. (15/15) cm
  2. Brains-I know they are not stupid. (25/25)%
  3. Speed-Pruple Katie has the advanuge. (Katie's50/Sarah's48) M.P.H.
  4. Wins-Katie won a Life Saver on The Inferno, won the safe picker+won a Gulag Challenge & Sarah had 14 Safetys on each Episodes.

I think the Deadliest Challenger is Your Vote!Edit

Results: Soon