British Hero verse the VillainEdit

The greatest english Detective in the United Kingdom; Sherlock Holmes comes across the monsterous Cannibal from their and the US named Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The two personalitys of the great and the evil have never meet in person, but it would be a challenge. This match up is like the best boldest mind ever aganist the evilest monster ever.


  1. Strength-I hate to admit that Hannibal is tuffer with 55.1% but Holmes finds away to bet him with 55%
  1. Intelligences-Holmes has a better mind then Hannibal over a 100% and his is half the amount.
  1. Speed-Holmes has the fastest thinking speed in his brain of 200.5% Hannibal has 100%
  1. Kills-Holmes may not killed anyone with noun Hannibal has killed people over a 110% in a gross way.
  • Total: Hannibal: 315.1% vs Holmes: 355.5


In Baltimore, MD; Doctor Lecter is injoying his night with his cannibal ways, so discussionly it just wonts you to give him the middle finger. But when he meets a gentelman who look he has been alot & you can tell that he gives him the finger too. The man talks all the way to his trousers whlie wasting Hannibal's time, he then tells him who he is and reveals himself as Sherlock Holmes. Hannibal is serprised to see the Detective from his home accent, but his not going anywhere and he tricked him to escape. Holmes has been fooled, but he wont make that misstake again and he gose after him. As Hannibal runs from the Detective, but he meets him again, face to face. Holmes incounters Lecter the second time and the two are in a gentelmen stand off. Holmes mixes his intelligences with his speed and fight in slow motion. Holmes is a good fighter whlie brecking his teeth for being a cannibal of eating his best friend and then block his every move. He breaks bones everywhere and Holmes then stabs him in his stomach. Holmes leaves Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter bleed to death for his friend Watson!