====The Walking Revolution: is a crossover story of two tv shows:
The Walking Dead


Chapter-1: CrossingoverEdit

====In somewhere in Georgia, there are two combining stories are coming together; one area is where a Walker meets a group of Survivors from Texas. Their leader is Miles Matheson, his niece Charlie, his lover Rachel, his best friend Sebastian Monroe, Aaron Pittman & his girlfrend Cynthia. They escaped from the Patriots from Texas, now they are in a infected area part of Georgia. Another area part of the story a nearby prison owned by the Shariff Rick Grimes and he's group. His remaining group members are: Daryl Dixon, Glann, Hershel Greene, Maggie, Bath, Carl, Michonne, Sergeant Abraham Ford & Rosita Espinosa.

The Prison
====Rick is on watch duty on the watch tower and sees a group of survivors heading their way to the gate. Miles thinks the prison looks falling apart, but it can manage and then meets Rick as the Shariff of the prison. Miles is shocked to meet a shariff of a prison "that's new" said Miles. Rick can tell that's his being funny and asks who he is. He tells him that he's name, also tells him that he a former Marine Sergeant in the Marine Corps, Rick is too shocked to meet a Marine and asks who is the creep of the group, referring to Bass. Miles answers that he's his best friend when he and him where kids, shows their child marks to proof that they friends for live. In that point Rick remember him and his best friend Shane, so he lets them in.

Rick's group are all inside having a group momment, until Rick came with newcomers and the group are concerned of Rick's decision, but they look friendly. Miles looks around the slammer of the mad house "awesome to be in without cons that lived here" but Rick told him was cons, before they past, ooh said Miles. Miles asks how manny cell blocks are theyer & Rick says cell blocks C-D, plenty of room. Miles is distracted by seeing the guard tower "is anybody using that" the group told him no, sweet. Now they introduce themselves: Miles sticks with Rick. Charlie meets Daryl of both likeing each other's crossbows. Rachel meets Miccone, she asks nice sword & she told her it made in china, Rachel said really "no, not really" by Miccone. Aaron & Cynthia meet Hershel & his gilrs, Aaron asks what happen to his leg, did a zombie bite it off, but Hershel said "I ain't telling you about my leg unless I'm drunk at less" Aaron can tell that he's joking, but Hershel said "I'm not". Bass talks to Abraham & Rosita, "whats the mark on you arm" Abraham to Bass. He explains that the M means Militia of his former Militia group, Abraham likes the sound of him being a Militiaus veteran. "How did you know" said Bass & Abraham tells him their story of their mission to Washington, DC for salvation. Bass asks them a question of being Patriots, but they have herd of the monsterus Patriots from Cuba, they are by themselves with the survivors. "That's good, becouse they almost killed me". Than Miles asks Rick for a momment as leaders.Edit

Rick Grimes
Miles Matheson

Miles: Rick, I have to say loving this place man, what's it called. Rick: We didn't named it, mayby the Warden did. Thats funny for the both of them and Miles tells him "thanks for letting us spend time in this cool sanctuary lockdown. But Rick tells him that he can stay as long as you want with your friends & they shack on it while locking at the distance of the area as two top charecters of the story. But somewhere far near is The Patriots are at Atlana finding wanted people named Mathesons, Monroe, Pittman as the commanding officer is Tom Neville. DixonEdit

Back at the Prison, Daryl is smoking around the yard and Miles is looking at him. Rick asks Miles what he is looking at, he tells him he's thincking about Daryl of being so femiliar and asks Rick about he's family. Rick tells him that he's brother is a racist asshole and mentions about he's father Dixon to time to time... Miles asks him the name again, Rick reply the name, Miles remembers who he's father is; Cpt. Dixon of the Georgia Federation, the son of bitch that shot Emma in front of Bass and he killed him for that! Also a flashback of talking to him in he's dying breath: Why did you shout me you sonuvabitch, I have two sons, Merle & Daryl, but now I'm dead becouse of you. he tells Miles: I wasn't goanna kill her, I was aiming at target, Monroe. Miles: But you did killed her and than shout he's beains out. Rick is asking Miles whats wrong and Miles tells him; I killed Dixon.

Will Dixon
Will Dixon from The Walking Dead is Captain Dixon from NBC's Revolution

Rick is puzzeled the fact that he killed Daryl's father, Rick: Daryl is one of my trustful men, but I'll keep to this to myself, no promises ok. Miles: ok, but should I be weird about him. Rick thinks what he really needs to weird about is Merle Dixon. Miles asks what's his story and Rick tells him that his a raciest asshole who hates Rick. Miles asks why he hates him, Rick explaines that he handcufe him to a rooftop and he cut of his hand to escape. But someone was watching them, he dosn't reval himself not yet.

Merle's hand

Later: Miles and Bass are having a chat together about finding Monroe's son, but Miles thinks they need to stay here until the Patriots don't know where they are, then they'll go to his son. Bass: I am tired of waiting for the damn Patriots, but as a friend I'll wait for this momment, they hug it out. Miles: thanks, Bass. Rick is watching them as he and Shane were best friends. Later on: everone is having dinner; Rick eats with Miles, Aberham eats with Monroe, Michonne eats with Charlie, Hershal eats with Aryan and Carol eats with Reachel. Everyone is eating what ever the prison can give them, but Daryl is straying at Miles like he has somthing he dosn't want to share. Daryl: I know you hiding somthing you don't want to share, I can tell of you been starying at him the whole damn day. Miles: sorry, it just you have one of those faces. Daryl: Ah, I'm gonna find out what's up from you and you better count on it. Rick comes to Miles to apologize for Daryl's behavor and Miles asks was he a dick when you meet him or has he been like that. Rick: he was both until he change into a good side of the Dixon blood, but Merle is the dick that all has and all ways will.

Daryl Dixon

Meanwhile: Daryl is out of the prison, going to meet somebody and that somebody is Merle Dixon, with his handless hand. Merle: got anything on the newbies. Daryl: anothing mutch, but their leader looks like he has secretive, he can feel that his hiding somthing. Merle: what about... Daryl: Merle, no, you've told me to kill Rick and Michonne, i'm sorry, but I need them, I need all of them, for surviving. Merle: fine, but tell me about this leader, is he suspicious. Daryl: his name is Miles, I know nothing, but that. Merle: has somthing plan wait to come out, it his new fist made out of iron. so he can fight better than that switch blade he had. Merle: you just point him out and you let the reast to me.

Merle Dixon

Miles talks to Bass about what happen at dinner. Miles: do you remember how Emma died. Bass: Alittle, you told me it was a Georgian Captain named Dixon, why. Miles: becouse the hick, Daryl is his son and I think he may know about that. Bass: so what do we do about this. Miles: if he want to mess with me, it's gonna take alot blunt force to bet me. Daryl: Miles, you got a moment. Mile: I have planty and wispers to Bass: I'll handle this. Miles: So Daryl, you still think I'm hiding somthing. Daryl: not anymore, but theres someone who wants to meet you. Miles meets Merle Dixon face to face.

The Dixon Family

Mr. Dixon
The Dixon Bros

Miles: Let me guess, you must be Merle. Merle: And you must be a man name Miles Matheson. Miles wonders how he knows his name and Merle shows a Wanted poster from the Patriots, his with them. Merle: the way how I see it, you must be worth alot for this Patriots as you call them, but me personally, I can them Natzis to be honest to you. Merle calls them Natzis for how badly they want a man to die and that is Miles, along with his survivor friends as well. Miles: So what, you just gonna hand me over to them, only not knowing what I'm really hiding from you and your brother. merle: What do mean, what are you hiding. Miles: You gonna have to kill, becouse I would reather die to tell the truth about a white trash hick like you! merle: Or I'll bet it out of you with my iron fist.

Merle's weapons
Miles' weapons

Rick is sereching around the prison to find Miles, but he can't find him and he starts to have everyone looking for him. Daryl shows up and he takes him somewhere, just him and Rick. Then back with Matheson verses Dixon standoff for the truth that Miles keeps to himself. Miles: You don't scare me. Merle: Then what dose, if I might ask or your just a pussy. Miles: Sergeant Will Strausser the most dangerous in the Monroe Republic, as a incarcerated patient in a mental institution. Merle: sounds badass, but me I was a loyal member in a place called Woodbury working for the Governor, but I can't go back. Miles: Governor hah, why wern't you elected. Merle: You trying to be funny son, BECOUSE I ANT LAUGHING! They both start fighting without any guns or weapons, just their bear hands and Merle's iron fist. Merle asks him what are hiding, over and over while he punches him in the face with his fist. Miles: Ok, ok I'll tell you. But he sucker punched him as a trick and Miles fights back. Miles is smarter then Merle, but he never quick, Miles is just fast when he thinks and Merle is a blunt force with his iron. Miles uses a hammer to finish him off, but he blocks away the hammer and Merle brock his noise. Miles is down, Merle gives him one more chance to tell him or he'll end him with iron marks on his skull and Miles tells him. Miles: go to hell. Merle raise his iron fist and Monroe saved his life. Rick and Daryl came as will. Bass gets Miles up and Merle asks one more time before he leaves. Miles looks at him in the eye and tells him. Miles: Have you and your old man have been close. Merle: sometimes, when his not smaking me and Daryl around, why. Miles: Becouse I killed him. Merle and Daryl wrent happy to hear that, especially Merle. Merle: You sonuvabitch, I'll kell you. Daryl grabs Merle to stop the fight, but Merle says. Merle: It isn't over, when I say it's over. But Rick ends it by nocking him out, he made him fall asleep as he always dose.

The Governor
The Patriots

In the end where Rick and Daryl locks up Merle, Miles is with Hershel taking alook at his noise. Hershel: You need surgery to rebreak that noise. Miles: can you do that. Hershel: no but our new surgeon Dr. Stephens, but he left to go on a supply run he'll be back until tomarrow. Rick checks on Miles and Miles asks. Miles: Is the prick dead. Rick: no, but we have in custody thats for shure. Miles: I hope he roots. Daryl: hay asshole, that my brother you talking to, only I say that. Daryl: And give me a reason why you did it. Miles: He killed my ex-girlfriend, shot her right in front of me. Daryl: Sorry, and he walks away. Miles: What's that about. Rick: his pissed, but he only has his brother to worry about. Miles: So if I'd killed Merle, he would come after me, right. Rick:sounds like it, but you didn't. Then Recheal and the others sees Mile's face, she wants to know who did this. Recheal gose streat to Merle, asking Daryl to open the cage, so she can give him for what he did. But Miles asks Recheal to leave him alone, he has a brother, we can't interfear with that, besides he is already done it and look where it brouth him. Merle laughs at him and his hot girlfriend. Then Dr. Stephens meets a man in the shadows and its The Governor, he was the one who is lerking around the prison. Also things get badder when the Patriots think they found where they are by pointing at the prison on their map. Chapter 3: AntagonistsEdit

Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter

Back at the Prison; where Sebastian Monroe is fight training with Abraham Ford, its a tuff match said by Miles. Bass: you know, I was a Sergent at the US Marine Corps with my friend Miles. Miles: It's true. Bass: But now I'm a pro at bare-knuckle boxer at a place call New Vagus. Miles: That is also true. Abraham: Well I'm a Sergent too, but I am in the Army service and a former Sports coach. Rick to Miles: Also true. Bass: We'll, then I guess, this is a hell of a challenge. They both salut to each other and the fight is on. Back with Rachel watching the kids Lizzie, Mika and Meghan having fun. Lilly is with Rachel watching them. Lilly: It's great to see them having fun, instead of dealing with the dead and I only wish we were back the way it's supposed to be. Rachel: Me too, but we are save and it's goanna stay like that. Lilly: Do you really think so? Rachel: I know so, becouse you have us to survive, we can protect this thing you have going on. Lilly hogs Rachel and says thank you. Maghan: Mom, can we see Brain now. Lilly: yes sweetie, we can. Rachel: who's Brian. Lilly brings Rachel with them, Bass spoted them and he follows them.

Lizzie Samuels
Mika Samuels
Meghan Chambler

Lilly takes them to Cell Block-D to meet Brian Blake A.K.A. The Governor. Meghan gives brian a hog and Rachel asks what happen to him. Lilly: he lost his family, but he has us to life with. Rachel: Is he the man who lead a place called Woodburry with Merle. Brian: Yes, but I changed my ways and they are the only thing I have to keep alive. Rachel: So tell me governor... Brian: Brian, don't call me that. Rachel: Ok, Brian, are you a psychopath. Brian: I was, but I only chopped off the heads of the Bitters. Rachel: I don't care about the Bitters, I mean did you kill people. Brian: Yes. Rachel: Good, becouse the prison has another one call Merle Dixon, he hurt my husband and I want him dead. Brian: You asking me to kill a man. Rachel: Yes I am and if you do, I'll make shure you are with your family, deal. Brian: Deal. Bass: Wow Rachel and I thought you still hated me for what I'd did to you. Rachel: I still do, but Miles needs you and he dosn't need a sick person tracking him down. Brian takes a look at Bass as a Antagonizing leader. Brian: You look like a dictater, like me. Bass: Yeah, I know and you are from... Brian: Woodburry. Bass: Woodburry, that's not too far from this prison right. Brian: Right. Bass: Well just for the moment we are having here, I'm starting to like like you and I'll help you. Brian: why? Bass: Becouse that White trash piece of shit needs to pay for beating up my friend. Bass offers the hand shake and they both shake on it.

Bryan Blake
Sebastian Monroe
Rachel Matheson

Meanwhile Rick and the other are all together for a group meeting for alittle gathering. But Someone screamed Walkers and they all run out side, actually it was a trick to scare off everyone. Bass gets the keys and gets Merle out. Merle: You must be really stupid to set me free. Bass: But it's not me you want, right. Merle: Yeah, tell me where he is and I'll forget about killing his friends. Rachel: It's not him you should be worrying about, its me. Merle laughs: So what Blondy he send you to do his pussy act. Brian: No. Brian hits him and they grabed him to Block-D. Rick is out side coming people down and Miles came out to tell everyone. Miles: Don't worry everyone, I got rid of the basterds with his sword act. Michonne: Maybe we should practice self defense some time. Miles: Your on. As Rachel, Bass and Brian brings Merle down to Cell Block-D. Merle: let go of me, let go of me... But Bass punched him and that shuts him up. Then they tie him up to a chair and they figure out what to do with him, they better do something before he wakes up.

Later; Rick and the others are entering the Prison. Then Miles realizes that Rick has a family with Carol, Carl and two girls. Carol: Rick, I was thinking of getting some water, if thats ok that is. Rick: On, its ok if you bring someone with or you have to bring a gun. Carol: I would rather be with Michonne, I feel save with her. Rick: Yeah, me too. Carl to Lizzie and Mika: Come on guys lets get back inside. Girls: OK. Miles: So that's you family, hah. Rick: When my wife Lori passed away she and her were close, but she was really close to me of protecting her. Rick: Lizzie and Mika's parents didn't make it, so I protect them, Carl, Judith, Carol, Lizzie and Mika for my live. Miles: I really respect you Shariff, I really do. Rick: it's nice to talking to you... Mile: One more thing, why us, why did you let us in you prison in the first place. Rick: Becouse you and your friend Bass; your friendship remended me of my friendship with Shane Walsh, my best friend, untile he tried to kill me. Rick: Shane tried to take my family away from me, but Carl killed and I should of been the one to kill him, not my son. Miles: That is some missed up shit, I'm sorry. Rick: The past is in the past, forget it.

Carol Peletier
Tom Neville

Carol and Michonne are featching water, they feel someone is watching them. Until a man shows up as Tom Neville. Tom: Were are you ladies are up to! Michonne: None of you damn business, that's what. Tom: I wasn't talking to you, i was talking to the blond one. Michonne: Maybe it's me you should be talking to. Tom: I sense your pritty hostile, so I would watch your tone of yours. Michonne; Well your not the one with the sward. Tom: True. He grabs Carol and says. Tom: But you arn't the one with the gun and my men. The Patriots rise at gun point at Michonne and she surrenders by throwing her sword to his feet.

Back with Merle being tied up; Brian thinks he should kill him with his knife. Brian: it's a sharp blade for a knife fighter. Bass: My blade is sharper. Rachel: Ok, you know the man, then you should do it. Brian is raddy to kill the man who betraded his loyalty, but Miles came and stoped him from killing him. Rachel: Miles, this time I need you to stay out of it. Miles: But we can't kill one of the group's family blood, that well ruin everthing they have going, we can't do this Rachel. Rachel: But he attacked you, he looks like the kind of man who will never leave us alone. Miles: We let the group deal with it. Miles: Don't you see Rachel; Rick's people are a good group in a world of Zombies, Patrions and other things out there, will be fine with this group, if we don't do anything that will ruin it. Rachel: fine, let him go. Brian unties Merle and tries not to wake him. Miles: And you must be the Governor of Woodburry with that Eyepatch. Brian: Yes, I am and I mean no harm on anybody. Miles: Ok, well I take it as no more shit to deal with. But sudenlly gun fire is coming through the windows and they all take cover, even Merle takes cover when he woke up. He sees Miles and he is not happy to see him.

In the end, The Patriots shot every window at the Prison, Miles' and Rick's group takes cover. Rick gets everyone on the ground and gets his men to their guns. The Patriots ate making it worse for the prison and they are learing more Walkers towards them. Today is a bad day for them.

The Herd

Chapter: 4-Get togetherEdit

In this chapter, the prison survivors show how they spead time with a survivor of the prison and a newcomer with him or her before the Patriots attack the prison. Like when The Governor Philip Blake was goanna cut off Hershel's head, his brother Bryan tries to talk him out of it, but he wont lesson, so Brian shot him in the head. The Woodburry group are going crazy except Lilly, Tara and Maghan, becouse they didn't like what Philip, they want the whole building, like it or not. Rick's group shoots them all to hell for not recuperating, now it's just Rick's group and Brian's Family together. Lilly is glade that he didn't get shot, Tara hates those assholes and Meghan hugs him as the Governor's new family. Brian tells him the samething to Bass of getting to know a villian to a villian. Bass: Are you still Gov... Brian: No, I'm retired from Woodbury, GA. Bass: Ah GA, you know I was a General of my Militia Republic at Independence Hall and I wont you to be part of it. Brain: Why me? Bass: Becouse I need my son with me and I need men like you, together we will have a thousand of men on our side. Brian is liking the way he breings up a thousand men, he shakes his hand and asks him. Brian: how are you goanna have this men exactly? Bass: Leave it to me and my group to handle it. His son is with Abraham and his group for being part of their Militia, pluse a thousand men too. Abraham: So this Militia, what dose he call it. Conar: The Monroe Republic and he knows some people in New Vages, NV. Abraham: I thought your Dad was a fighter. Connor: He is, but he is the General of it during the Apocalypse! They both said they'll think aboud it, becouse Abraham thinks its best for this country.

Monroe Republic

Meanwhile Aaron gets togher with Hershel and Glenn. Aaron: So you almost had your head choped off by a psyco. Glenn: That's right. Aaron: Well, what happen to the chopping? Hershel: Rick talked him out of it and he is living in this prison after that. Aaron: Why didn't you have you group kick him out? Hershel: Becouse I'm a man of my word. Glenn: And Rick stick with what we say. Aaron: Ok, so you guys stick with your words and the psychopath is inside the mad... Hershel: I know what your saying, I know how it's bad back than, but things are diffrent now and we need things to survive in this world, not to resk our lives. Aaron: I was goanna say, that's sounds like our goup, becouse we have a psychopath and a little psycho son. Hershel: Small word isn't it Glenn. Glenn: Yeah, witch one are they. Aaron: The main one is Sebastian Monroe and his son Connor Bennett. Brian gets together with Rachel about the plain to capture Merle and keeping his family safe. Also Michonne is there with them. Brian remmbers Michonne, but he didn't do naything to her, it was his older brother Philip Blake the one who stabed him in the eye. Michonne: And I riped out his balls for you. Brian: Look Michonne, I didn't my brother was insane in Woodburry, all I did was killed bad people and Biters. Michonne: That's what we need a good person from another group and all I wanted is to kill your evil brother, not you. Michonne: Oh another thing, I the the word Biter, just say Walkers. Brian: Ok, walkers then. Michonne: That's batter. Michonne: So, what are you two doing here? Rechal: we were talking about Merle was being a dick. Michonne: Merle Dixon is here. Rachel: yeah in a jail cell, why you didn't know.

Aaron Pittman
Hershel Greene
Glenn Rhee

In Merle Dixon's cell, Michonne desides to get together for what he did. Merle: Ha Michonne, did they tell you what I did. Michonne: No, but you did do somthing stupid. Merle laughs for her to say stupid and he tells her that what he did. Merle: I punched a pussy in the face. Michonne: Bullshit, who every you fought, it looks like he fought back. Merle: Yeah he did and Im goanna kill him for what he did. Michonne: For what kicking your... Merle: No, he killed my blood. Michonne: Daryl? Merle: no thank god, he killed my daddy. Michonne: Was you father naglectful. Merle: Did care about Daryl, just me and I'm goanna bet him when his skull breaks. Michonne: As long we have the prison, your not goanna do anything. Merle: Yeah, As long we have the prison, im not goanna do anything, that is if we don't, right. Michonne to Merle: You saved my life onece, yes if anything happens. Merle is happy that if anything happens to the prison, he can do what he desires.

Charlie Matheson

Charlie gets together with Daryl at practes target shoot with their crossbows, Daryl teaches her how to use his and Charlie teaches him how to use her's. Daryl: Do you have the target lock on. Charlie turns the safety off and says yeah. Daryl: Than don't wast a arrow before you reload or your dead already. Charlie: Ok. Charlie shot the arrow to the heart as a Heart-kill. Charlie: You'r turn. Daryl shot the arrow to the brain as a Brain-kill. Daryl: You need to ame at the brain to make it count. Charlie: Why? Daryl: Becouse thats the Walker's weck spot. Charlie: Why not a human being. Daryl: Then I'll still give them a brain drama. Charlie laughs: It's brain trauma, not drama. Daryl: Oh. Miles: What the hell you two are doing. Miles: easy pops we were just practes shooting, that right. Miles grabs Daryl to a wall and tells him. Miles: I am not her father, I'm her uncle you son of a bitch. Charlie: Miles, stop he wasn't herting me, I swear, we were just using our crossbows as practes, please put him down. Miles puts him down and Daryl tells Charlie. Daryl: Your uncle Miles is an asshole for what he did, but I'll let it go if you don't kill my brother. Charlie to Miles: What is he talking about Miles. Daryl: She needs to know from her uncle. Charlie: That's enough Daryl. Miles to Charlie: Do you remember the Captain that killed Emma from the Georgia Federation at Indiana. Charlie: Hah Captain Dixon, wait he was their brother, but I though you killed him, did you. Miles: I didn't kill a member, I killed the main blood vessel. Charlie: You killed their father. Miles: Yeah, I did. Charlie is speechless and Daryl cames her down, Miles hates telling his niece the men he killed can blow back at him.

Charlie is upset for having bad moments coming back at her and Daryl is there with her, saying. Daryl: Charlie. Charlie: Daryl, I'm sorry. Daryl comes her down by giving her a hug and telling her. Daryl: It's ok, you didn't know, I do blame you. Charlie kisses him and they are really getting together in a way. Rick is with Abraham talking about joining with Monroe and his Republic. Rick: Monroe, Miles' friend Monroe, is that right. Abraham: I know, it sounds werid for a charecter like him, but I don't know that its the truth, I mean why did they tell us this. Rick: Abraham, you said you needed people, the more, the better, so its you choice, but know this; you, Daryl, Michoone and the others, I only trust in this world, if I lost all of it, I don't know what I would do to survive, you know that. Abraham: Your a good man Rick, better then Eugene, bucouse your not a lying piece of shit like he is and I will be with you to protect this salvation you have. So will Michonne and the others for him being the only leader they have. Carol: We all belive in you Rick, Lori would of too. Rick: I know, but I only need you and the rest of my family with me. He is refering Carol, Carl, Judith, Lizzie and Mckay. But he wonders where is Daryl, he allie should be here for the group and Abraham will find him. Abraham finds Daryl with Charlie in love.

New characters

Daryl wonts Abraham not to tell anyone about... But Abraham won't tell a soul about it, not even her uncel Miles. Daryl: Thanks. He trust Abraham more then that asshole Eugene. Then Rosita comes alone to talk what just happen with Abraham. Rosita: Sounds romantic in a dhrama kinda way, but we ever in a better relastionship wren't we. Abraham: We still are. Rosita kisses him and they are doing the samething as the other two did. But that dosen't last that long when Eugene shows up making fun of their sexeulity in a racel way. That make Abraham made at him and he loses his temper, he punches him untile his nose came off. Abraham to Eugene: Don't you dare talk to me and my love life you son of a dick. Rosita tells him to come down baby, his had enough. But Eugene says to Rosita that your relations with him is doomed. Rosita kick his balls and spits him in the eye. Rosita to Eugene: We trusted you pandahall and now you got your ass wiped. Abraham: She's right you know. Eugene cries like a girl.

In the end where Miles meets Rick as they talk again. Miles: Look Rick, I thought about everyone, so a, you can tell to go, I will understand or if you let us stay for alittle while, that will be generous of you. Rick: You can stay as long as you like, we need people like you and your friend, as long as this thing we have stays forever, we all will be just fine. But forward back when they are being attacked by the Patriots and it gose to show shit just got worse for the Prison!

The Patriots and The DeadEdit

In this Chapter starts off by reveling the leader of the Patriots is the US President Jack Davis fighting of the Dead and that's what they call them. The President has his son Ron to protect, he has to protect everyone at the White House and nobody knows how to fight them off, one dose: Edward Truman. He stabs one of them in the brian, he thinks its the only way to kill them and most of them are scared. The President dose not like how they protecting their Headquarters and he gets chased off by a mob of them. He leaved Ron alone, but Ed saved his life and grabs him away from this eating field. The President is still being chased by them until he meets a group of armed survivors shouting at the dead. The President meets the Saviors and the leader Negan.

[3]US President: Jack Davis meets Negan the leader of the Saviors[4]

Back at the Prison when its being attack by the Patriots and everyone in the prison is taking cover, the shooting doesn't last long when Tom asks to meet Miles face to face. Tom: Come out Miles, I know your out their, we've been tracking down and I think this is a perfect place for your salvastion, comeout now or we'll bomb the building. Miles: Alright Tom, you got me, you and your Patriot comrades. Tom laughs: Miles I can tell you I'm not russian or reast. Tom serious: But I can tell you you've pushed me too manny times and I have had enough with you using me, I am the one who is goanna destroy you. Miles: How's that, just giving me to them or the Pres. Or your self while the big man watching. Tom: No, choose a person's life. Miles: What? Tom: Bring them to me. Miles: Tom, what are you doing? Tom: Its a thing called payback and my friends are agreed to tourcher you before sending you to the White House. He revels his hostages Caroll and Michonne, Rick sees them down there. Miles: You do have to do this Tom, just kill me, right now, its me you wont, not them. Tom: You've should of though of that before using Miles, thanks to you I have nothing, they have my wife and you took my son away from me. Miles: it wasn't me Tom, it was sombody else infront of me, I didn't kill Jason. Tom: But you were fighting him while I was taking on Monroe. Miles: Tom please just kill me or do anything to make you feel better, just don't hurt them, they belong with their group, trust me its goanna look like a bloodbath. Tom says choose... Or I will by pointing the gun at Caroll and points at Michonne, then Rick come to them. Tom: Miles who is this man. Miles: He is the leader and I'm telling you'ha you starting to piss most of the group, they are armed to the teeth. Tom: We'll take our chances. Rick: Wait, please don't do this, I don't know how to make this better for you, but you said you have a family right. Tom: I only have a wife. Rick: Well, I can't say you can have Miles, but that's up to him and like you said you have a wife, how about a place to protect the one you love, if you lucky you mean't have a trustful group, without that this prison has nothing to protect. Tom: So your saying your welling to let Miles walk and giving me the prison. Rick: Yes, that is if you let them go and we will go. Miles: Tom take it, its the better way to survive. Tom: NEVER. He killed Caroll and the shootout begins.

Somewhere else not too far, you can see more then one Walker and when I say more then one, I mean its a mob eating a infected pig. But they are distracted by gun fire and worst comes to sheaf is a thousand of them in a big Heard going towards the prison, the sound draws them to the fight on who's side, no one's side. Rick and Miles take cover from those cold sons of bitches. Tom is pointing his gun directly at where Miles is hiding, but Michonne makes him miss by kick his gun away from his trigger and he gets shot in his side, Michonne go gets her sword. Tom got shot, but he isn't a pussy gone down and his men get closer to protect him. Everyone inside the prison are fighting to protect Rick and Miles. Miles: Rick, theres a hole though the gate, find a way to your people and I'll get Tom. Rick: I can't leave you behind. Miles: Just go, your son needs you. Rick: Your right, but you will kill him, right. Miles: I'll make his face bleed. Rick shakes hands with Miles, Rick says I'll come back to you and Miles says don't worry about me. Miles hears them coming and they are heading to the prison, all except for Tom is looking straight at him. Miles: I see you got shot. Tom: Yeah, ether it was you or that hick, but I glade you didn't coward off becouse I'm going to enjoy killing you and killing you all!!!! Miles: Not while I'm here. Miles punched his gunshot wound, Tom uses his brutal force aganist him and its a hard fight to know who's goanna win. Michonne finds her sword, hears Walkers coming and she has an idea. She kills one of the Patriots, one of them saw her and they try to shot her down, but she made it out though the bushes. Then the Walkers are coming out of the woods and chases the Patriot. She leaves them to the Walkers, so she can get to the prison while they are fighting.

Later Carl calls for his Dad, but he finds Lizzie, Mckay and Meghan with Judith. Carl wants them and everyone to leave the prison. They both agree for what they did to Caroll. Carl is going to find the others, but for a moment one of the Patriots grabed Lizzie, Mckay pulls her gun she gets grabed by a walker. Carl has to choose to save Mckay or Lizzie. He shot the walker to save Mckay. Patriot: So you pick to save the one that was goanna be eated, luckally I can tell you don't wont any blood on your hands, do you boy. Rick besides him: Neither do you! Rick bites his ear off, then spits it at him and then he kills him. Rick: You all alright.  They nodded their heads and they get a move on. Rick finds the others and they are going to leave the prison, Rick asks someone to watch the kids, becouse his going back to Miles. Back to the fight between Tom and Miles, it looks like the Patriots are wining in any battle. The Priots are getting inside the prison, most of them are fighting off the Walkers and Tom is betting up Miles with all the evil hatred that he has to Miles Matheson. Miles is giving up until Rick shows up to fight the man who kill Caroll. Tom: I'm glade you come back for the man that just fallen. Rick: You still need to deal with the man who loved the one you killed. Tom: Yes, well I can tell you this. I. Ain't. Sorry. Rick gives him the first blow and they ruff house each other, but they are even to the looks of it. The Patriots sooner realize that the'll run out of ammunition and what they don't know is theres planty for all. Rick gets Tom where he wants him, but he makes a quick move and he gets him on the ground. Tom: Farwall. But Rick bites him to the neck and Tom feels alot of pain from it. Then the Patriots are now out of ammo, the Walkers are coming and they ran. Rick grabs Tom while he feels weak, Rick throws Tom twords the Walkers and it's like he wonts them to be feed. When Tom realize he needs to be on his feet, its too late, they gnged up on him and they eat. Rick helps Miles up, he thinks he can still make it back with the others. They are walking back to his group and he knows that they lafted them behind, but his going to track them to the woods, becouse they made a trail and their were walker their. Rick thinks they went to the woods and thinks he can regroup.

In the end in Washington, D.C.