==== Monroe Republic "Militia" vs Walking dead "Walkers"==== [1]vs[2]


As when the Patriots blow up Pennsylvania & Georgia, most of the survivor of the Monroe Republic are still Militias at heart, but they meet things that didn't & they are walking Dead. One of the leaders call them Zombies, there are a lot of them in a mob or in a herd. So its survival mode for the Militia.


Strength-Monroe have skill of 50% Walkers have none

Speed-Monroe has 100% Walkers are slow 0%

Intelligence-Monroe has 100% Walkers are stupid 0%

Kills-Monroe has 100% still Walkers have a small amount

The Ultimate Challengers are!Edit

Militia are planning to survive from the Zombies, by using their Militia insects as they served for their leader General Monroe. So they do what the Monroe Republic have done & they use it now, to fight off the Zombies. The Zombies are getting torn apart by the Militia, the amount is getting low & their is nothing they can do about it, but watch them kill them off. Zombie are being slaughtered by the great Militia soldiers of the Republic & no Zombie can defeat them, becouse they have the human abilities of their humanity to survive.