Derrick Kosinski-A Challenger from RW/RR.

Rupert Boneham-A Survivor All Star.

Who Is Deadliest?


Rupert has been in Survivor: Pearl Island, All Stars & Heroes vs Villains. Derrick won Titles called The Inferno lll, The Island & The Ruins.

X FactoreEdit

My thouts are both of these guys are Survival & Challengable.

  1. Wight-Derrick mint be taller but their stroungeth are about even. (65/65) cm
  2. Brains-Rupert has same ideas. (45/48)%
  3. Speed-Dirreck is fast but Rupert mint be an 10.In away. (20/19) M.P.H.
  4. Wins-Derrick won 2 Life Shield, won 3 Challenges won 1 Duel+1 Challenge, won 1 Inferno+1 Challenge, won the 2nd Challenge on The Island+Safety, won 1 Challenge on Cutthroat. Rupert won/found 9 Immnuity+10 Reward,

I think the Deadliest Challenger is Your Vote!Edit

Results: Soon