Tyler Tongate-Solitary's Runner up of v2.0.

Andrew Sabat-Solttaty's Winner of v3.0.

Who Is Deadliest?


Tyler was a Navy Sailor/Veteran untle he is retired also come agants John Palyok from Survivor Vanuaatu & he's in 8th place for being a runner up in Solitary v2.0 also in v4.0. Andrew is a College student the winner of Solitary v3.0. In the beginning he teamed up with Robert Hakel a.k.a. RobRob the Runner up.

X FactoreEdit

My thouts are one is a winner & a runner up also more than one Season.

  1. Wight-Andrew is taller than Tyler but Tyler is stronger. (Tyler's55/Andrew's55) cm
  2. Brains-I gotta give it to the the college student. (59/60)%
  3. Speed-They are proble the same (70/70) M.P.H.
  4. Wins-Andrew's wins: (3 Tests)-Tyler's wins: (5+6 Tests)

I think the Deadliest Challenger is Your Veto!Edit

Results: Soon