The Commando Elite vs Gremlins, It's the war of Major Chip Hazerd the leader of the Commando Elite verses the mythological creatures the Gremlins.


The leader of the Gremlins is Stripe the worst out of the others of his kind, his second in comand is Mohawk, Brain Gremlin as the brains of the group, Bat Gremlin as their eye in the sky, Electric Grimlin is their shock & Earl as their sharp Gremlin. Verses Chip Hazerd, Butch Meathook, Nick Nitro, Brick Bazooka, Link Static & Kip Killigan. Let the Small war beginning.

X FactoreEdit

  1. Strength-The Gremlins are bigger then the Commandos & they are 500% stronger then the Commandos' 300%
  2. Intelligences-They both show intelligences, but the Gremlins have the high I.Q. of 1,000% then the Cmmandos' 530%
  3. Speed-The Commandos are fast as they are small with their 600% & Gremlins are close by 530%
  4. Kills-The Gremlins have kills in the 1st & 2nd movies, the Comandos have killed less then them. The Commandos have 50% & the Gremlins have 100%

The Gremlins are better then the Commado Elite!Edit

As the war begins, the Commandos are invading the Gremlin's territory. The Gremlins watch the intruders invade their place & they take out their weakist member of the elite, it's Link Static. Chip Hazerd has spots the Gremlins & oders the commandos to attack them. Strip signs the Bat to grab one of them & Bat Gramlin gets Nick Nitro, then throws him far away from there. Electric Gremlin picks Butch Meathooks to blow him up. Mohawk picks a fight with Brick Bazooka & Mohawk braks his plastic arms apart. Earl vs Kip Killigan, Kip Killigan has blade & Earl has sharp claws to rip him his head off. The Gremlins thinks that is all of them, but Chip Hazerd killed Brain Gremlin & that makes Strip made. The two leaders are looking at ecah other, Strip is figuering out how to bet him & Chip Hazerd is being cocky. They fight like a monster holding a toy & the toy is being hold like a weak kid. But when he lets him go, Chip Hazerd stades Strip with a knife. The Major thinks he has won, but what he dosn't know that Strip is smart, he faked to be stabed, but it was just a scratch. He pulls his gun & shoots him in the back in the head. Strip & his brothers have won, but not all of them, they will remember that the Brains will always bets browns.