Matthew Elrod-36 days survivor in Redemption Island.

Ozzy Lusth-A Survivor who was a runner up on Cook Island in 36 days.

Who Is Deadliest?


Matt has been living in Redemption Island he voted for Rob as the winner. Ozzy was the runner up on Cook Island & 9th place on Micronesia. Also he had a relationship but afew years later they brocken up.

X FactoreEdit

My thouts are this 2 been thow hell by Challenges thow Challenges & Redempiton Challenges.

  1. Wight-I gase their both the same. (60/60) cm
  2. Brains-Ozzy uses it. Matt most often. (50/50) %
  3. Speed-I say a TY. (90/90) M.P.H.
  4. Wins-Ozzy won 13 Immune, Founnd 2 Idols, 10 Rewards & Matt won Duels by betting Francesca, Russell, Kristin, Krista, Stephaine, Sarita, David, Julie, Steve, Ralh, Grant, but gets betten by Mike & Andrea.

I think the Deadliest Challenger is Your Vote!Edit

Results: Soon