The Created Warriors vs the Evil MindsEdit

In another double team work against another team from a darker side. Our first team is with the most dangerous Agent Hitman named 47 with the help of Alice from Resident Evil. Verse one of 47's enemies from Hitman Absolution and owner of Dexter Industies named Blake C. Dexter with help of a South African Tyrant by the name of Hoyt Volker.


  1. Strength-I have to say that our Protagonists have both 50+50%=100% of work they have, but for the Antagonists have both 30+30%=60%
  2. Intelligences-The Protangonists I give them 47's 90+Alice's 50=140% The Antagonists have 50+50%=100%
  3. Speed-The Protagonists have both 100+100%=200% for getting the job done, as for the Antagonists they have 50+50%=100% Almost
  4. Kills-They all are killers so they both have 100% each
  5. Total-Protagonists: 640% vs Antagonists: 560%


Blake Dexter meets Hoyt Volker asks for a deal of taking out a Hitman that is worth a lot of, anything to make him do it, he asks about a female that is close to his location & Dexter dosen't give a shit, so Hoyt will do this shit. Agent 47 is at desert like area with a female name Alice. Our Protagonists meet & then 47 found his target witch his agency put a hit on Alice. He thinks of having her to his agency, but then the Antagonists attack of planning this setup. They take cover, think of a way to bet them & Alice thicks of a distraction of being too fast for them. Alice distracts them while 47 gets close to them & it worked. 47 kocked out Dexter & Alice jumped on Hoyt as fast as she can. Alice saved 47's life of stoping Hoty from goanna kill him & 47 gets a call from his Agency. The Agency wonts to know that is the job done & he says its done. 47 spared Alice's life & Hoyt tells her nasty thing, so she kicks his ass for that. 47 takes Dexter to the Agentcy of making him the escapghout of killing the target & Alice takes Hoyt for her ways of teaching him a leasson that he'll neaver fucking for get.!?