Monroe Republic "Militia" vs Dharma Initiative



In the 20th century, The Dharma Initiative are working on the fence that separating hostels & others. They finished it, they go on other plans & Militia soldiers where watching them, they study how to shut it off. The Dharma Initiative have power of using the Pendant that they took & they have all the power for their experiments.


Strength-Militia have 50% of skills & Dharma has too 100%

Speed-Militia has 100% & Dharma have 100%

Intelligence-Militia has 100% & Dharma has 100%

Kills-Militia has 100% & Dharma have 50%

The Ultimate Challengers are!

As Militia figure out a way to cross to fence & take the Initiative area for them selfs. They goon past throw the fence & they need to Eliminate them, so they can take over it. Dharma security grab the weaponry, rally the Troops, lock up their woman & children so they can keep the Initiative alive. Dharma are ready, they hear Militia coming & their CO tries to Negotiation with them, but the Initiative are not Intimidated by dirty Missionaries. Militia won't take back talk by a group of scientist, So they reveled their firearms & Dharma dose the same, but the figured that Militia doesn't have that much ammo left of being outside for a long wasteful time. That was an insult of the Monroe Republic & they start fighting. They both are shooting bullets flying, Militia's & Dharma's men are shot one by one, it is gruesome to them being shot. But all is left are Militia's CO vs Dharma's Chief of Security & who won is the CO. But he asks him to open the door to their people & he dose. CO thinks he has won, but one of the women have a shoot gun, the last Dharma member grabs his gun to protect his wive & Militia is over by killing the last one.

It sound like Dharma has won, but to the woman feel that they have lost their strength, it felt like a draw & the future tells that the Initiative is still alive.