Tom Westman-A Soul Survivor.

Marty Piombo-Also in Survivor.

Who Is Deadliest?


Tom is in tribe of Koror & the Winner of Survivor: Palau but not last in Heroes vs Villains. Marty is the 11th person to be vote off on Survivor: Nicaragua.

X FactoreEdit

My thouts are this guys old but tuff.

  1. Age-Tom is younger then Marty. (45/48)
  1. Brains-For a teacher he share nows how to play & so dose Tom. (44/44)%
  1. Speed-Tom wood be more Stamina. (48/39) M.P.H.
  1. Wins-Tom no one was againtst tom in Palau won 11 Immune/Immunity & Marty won 2 Immune. + (49 .cm of Weight)

I Think the Deadliest Challenger is Your Vote!Edit

Results: Soon