I'm Helix Ozwardo the leader of my group called the Collectables and welcome to Ameristan, the American desert

Comander Helix Ozwardo


Helix Ozwardo; nickname "Reload" is the leader of a group of a military survival group at the West Region in a desert called Ameristan and they got that from a urban dictionary. They believe that fear still comes at them back from the Middle East to America, so they stick with as a perfect survival area.


Helix Ozwardo is a Hispanic Canadian Arms lord from Columbia, they called him the "Lord of Arms. He was apart of a Colombian Political of his; political gun business, political office and political politics or policy. His authority was being a socialist of his criminalized government. A few months later he hears that his other origin Canada is being under a terrorist attack and starts to help out his father's home, by hiring a group of Hispanic Americans mercenaries to Canada with him. Canada is being terrorized by Middle Eastern, but they lost a battle against Helix Ozwardo and he wants to win this blood war once & for all. He travels to the Middle East and killing off the terrorist who are involved in the attack. When he and the rest came back to Americas, they soon notice that it's destroyed. That's what draws Helix insane, by picking a area that remains of home with fear and they call it Ameristan, they're sanctuary now.

The Collectables Edit

Helix Ozwardo
His second Rifleman: Barrage
Till it gose click

His mad-bomber: Tronic
I want to play a game

His medic: Sensei
This won't hurt–me

His Blunt force: Anvil
Come lads, lets give them what for

His Engineer: Raton Loco
Raton Loco

His second medic: Twilight
Did somebody call a medic, well you will, while I pump you all full of lead

His Concrete: Angus
I'll kill all you pricks, just like back home

His epic commando: Midas
Sticks and stones may break our bones, but at least I'll do it for you