Richard Hatch-The 1st Winner of Survivor.

Tyler Duckworth-The Most Highist player in RW/RR AKA The Challenge.

Who Is Deadliest?


In the First Season of Survivor Richard is good at winning challenges, finding clues & being in charge of the game. But the IRS took his money, served 51 Months in prison & he didn't do well at other show like Who wants to be a millionaire he got throw 2 quachions but got 1 wrong it was 11 x 12 & Also in Celebirty Apprentice he was close too wining but he did come back on Marlee's team. Tyler was in The Duel, The Gauntlet lll, Cutthroat & Rivals. He won Cutthroat and Rivals.


My thouts are this 2 are gay more like into man but they won Titles that are worth 1,000,000 & 300,000. Survivor is worth 1 Million Dollars & RW/RR is worth 3 Hundred Thousand Dollars.

  1. Wight-Tyler is alot havyer than Richard becouse i hard that Tyler workout alot. (75/25) cm
  2. Brains-Richard has alot of tust isses so he picks people off the island & says bye. now thats smart. (Richard's46/Tyler's45)%
  3. Speed-If they did a test on run im prity shar that it is Tyler who is faster. (Tyler's50/Richard's40) M.P.H.
  4. Wins-Richard won 3 Rewards, won/found 4 Immunity & Tyler won 3 Titles, won 7 Challenges+Jungle.

I think the Deadliest Challenger is Your Vote!Edit

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