Kratos and Zeus vs Shao KhanEdit

In this final battle of gods verses devils, Kratos has finally meets the demon of mortal kombat, Shao Khan and they are at mount Olympus.


Kratos sees Zeus in pain, his mother died and Zeus needs Kratos' help. Kratos kicks Shao Khan away from Zeus and he helps his father up. Zeus and Kratos are working together to beat this demon. Zeus is helping him for what Shao Khan did to his wife, also Kratos' mother. Shao Khan lauges at their lose, it makes them mad and then they fight.

X FactoreEdit

  1. Strength~Kratos has 10,000%, but Shao Khan has 10,000% and Zeus has 10,000%. Together Kratos & Zeus has 20,000%
  2. Intelligences~Together Kratos and Zeus has 2,000%, but Shao Khan has 1,000-1/2%
  3. Speed~The gods have 900%+900=1800 & the demon has 1800. It is a drew
  4. Kills~The kills are the most inportent thing, so this chareters have a powerful rate of numbers, but the numbers of a group is more together then alone fighting. Father & Son are the highest, the Demon has half.

I know the winner is Kratos and ZeusEdit

Shao Khan is defeted, he gose to hell with Darth Malgus, Freddy Kruguer and Sweet Tooth. Zeus thanks Kratos from fighting with him and takes his wife, somewhere he can put her. But Kratos asks Zeus how did Shao Khan got powerful and he tells him that it was Calypso who made him powerful. Kratos has herd of that devil who can grant wishes and gose to find him.

In the end Kratos has found Calypso and he blames him for his mother's death, so in his words, he is goanna make him suffer for what he did. Calyso tells him nothing but excuses about having Shao Khan died, he didn't know he was goanna do that, he also mentions that noun of it wonted happen if he got their in time. Kratos though it's stupid that he talked to him that way. He tries killing him with his weapons, but noun of his weapons can kill the devil, so Kratos has one more thing to make him suffer. He sumins the lord of the dead Hades, to send Calypso to the underworld and that's his wickness. Now Kratos has revanged his mothers murder and gose back to Zeus.