Kratos vs Darth MalgusEdit

In Kratos' second match up aganist the most dictative, lord of sideous & the darkside of the force; his name is Darth Malgus. Kratos has never meeet this new threat & he thinks it mint be a hard challenge. Malgus thinks the same way.


As Kratos gets the plaser of getting to know this Dark-seeker, witch he calls him that. Malgus explanes his story of once being the emperor of a great republic of his & he was defeted, but he wont be dead again. Malgus also tells him that he is now here to kill anyone that gets in his way.

X FactoreEdit

  1. Strength~I think that Kratos & Malgus have the same body weight.
  2. Intelligences~Kratos has stradagies 1,000% of war, but Malgus has intelligence of 1,000% with the dark side.
  3. Speed~Kratos can defend himself of 900%, but Malgus is very sharp on his light sabers of 1,000%.
  4. Kills~Kratos is more then a killer, he is a masacer with 50,000%, but Malgus is less kills then that.

I think the deadlist fictional challenger is, once again KratosEdit

Reveling Kratos' total kills is the only way to stay alive while battleing Malgus.

Kratos is standing & Malgus is wonded in a challengeable battle. But Malgus tries to get up to fight & Kratos makes sure he stays down, by knocking him down. So Kratos contines going to kill Shao Kahn.

Shoe Kahn is at the a known devil who can grant anything that you wish call Calypso. Shao Kahn demanes to give him his wish of being more powerful then the God of Olympus Zeus, by force. Calypso grants his wish & Shao Kahn is not a demon any more, he is now Shao Kahn Lord of Olympus. Kratos is not happy about it.