Katos vs Freddy Kruguer & Sweet ToothEdit

In this fictional trial of David verses Goliath, witch brings the most legandary chareters of game history. Kratos the greek god of war, son of Zues & all gods of mount Olympus. Agentist two of the most insane, monsterous, cold blooded & none blooded killers. They have been seen in diffrent video games, somtimes they been defeats & deaths.Edit


But in my kind of fintion of battle, where Freddy seeks revenge on the god of war for killing him from Mortal Kombat & he search for help of the same companion. Sweet Tooth also seeks revenge on Kratos too, but he meets the nightmare who wants to make a Elite of Death to kill the war god once & for all.Edit

X FactoreEdit

  1. Strength~Kratos is a god with his 10,000% of brut force aganist Freddy & Sweet Tooth's 1,000% each.
  2. Intelligences~Kratos has brains, as a mortal with 1,000% to over trown any god, but Freddy & Sweet Tooth are both 1001/2%
  3. Speed~Sweet Tooth uses his killing fast Ice cream truck of 300%, Freddy can travel to people's minds of 600% & Kratos is fisical is about 900%.
  4. Kills~Both of them have alot of kill that can't be add up. So I call it a drew of the numbers way high.

I think who is the deadlist fictional Challenger or Challengers is Kratos.Edit

As the battle is strating to end; as Sweet Tooth & Freddy are betting Kratos. But he strats to have fiath of thinking of a way to bet them & he dose. Kratos is taking them one by one of kicking their demon like asses. Kratos got the feeling that they were relelesed by someone & he demands them to answer who brong them back. Freddy tells him that it was Shao Kahn & Kratos is going to find him.

Shao Kahn is at his thron & he meets Darth Malgus who was sumon by Shao Kahn himself. Malgus had other ideas to use his weapon, to kill him, but Shao Kahn is too smart for him & he known he was goanna do that. He was planing on killing him, but he spares his life becouse he needs someone to distrack the God of war. Becouse he has other plans.