Fox eXended's channelEdit

This TV channel is my 1st favorite and AMC too. My favorite creepy charecters on FX's Nip/Tuck: the Serial slasher from Miami, Fl The Carver and AHS: in 1960-2013 in Briarcliff Manor Asylum Bloody Face. The Carver is a carving formar plastic surgeon of McNamara/Troy who thinks he is a artist of rapping his victoms and giving them scars. Bloody Face is the 60's cannibal of wearing skin of dead human flash and he is very insane. This match is the f---ing shit right here.


  1. Strangth-Both of them are kind alike, so 50/50% just to start with.
  2. Intelligence-They are mad Doctors from the 1960's and the 2000's, The Caver has 40% Bloody Face 60%
  3. Speed-This killers have gotta way with their victoms; Bloody Face had escape ghoat locked up instade of him with 50% but The Caver has been lercking everywhere with 45%
  4. Kills-Bloody Face had a fev of victoms of 10% and The Carver has 20 victoms.


As the Carver has cused his first Carver case & he reveled himself as Quentin Costa & he meets someone with a mask, he asks him what's it made out of, Bloody Face tells him it's Skin! Bloody Face has heard of The Carver & he wonted to meet him in person. Quentin tells him here I am & throws his tools at him. He thinks he carved him already, he gets close to the body, removed his mask & it was a bluff. Thredson gutting his penial area, removing his penis from his body & Quentin is falling asleep. The next day Quentin wakes up from having a bad drime, but when he realizes that his dick is gone, he has been a victom by the brilliant mind of Dr. Oliver Thredson aka Bloody Face.?! Bloody Face has the last lauge of making him a vitcom, instade of a victor of his 170% win and The Carver's 155%