Russell Hantz-A Survivor runner up on Samoa.

Dr. Will Kirby-The winner of Big Brother 2.

Who Is Deadliest?


In Survivor Russell knows how to play the game by Creating a Secret Alines with the females Samoa's winner Natalie Whtie, Heroes vs Villain's Runner up Parvati Shallow, Redemption Island's Stephanie & Kristina & finding Idols. In Big Brother 2 Will is a Doctor who like to pull strings on people, everyone hates him for that but he won & made a friend with Mike Boogie. But in Big Brother 7 All Stars Will is evicted from the house, became 5th in the Jury and voted his buddy Mike the winner.

X FactoreEdit

My thouts are this 2 are really Evil compared to game like these & they can be Manipulation trust me you don't wont to in there shoes.

  1. Wight-Will is taller than Russell becoues he is a Dwarf. No afanse Russell. (40/10) .cm/ft
  2. Brains-Russell & Will both used their heads and useing others so i give it a (50/50)%.
  3. Speed-I wood say Will can bet Russell in a track Challenge. (44/45) M.P.H.
  4. Wins-Will won no HoHs & Nominated 6 times. Russel won 6 Reward Russell, won/found Immunity, Idols 6+2

I think the Deadlist Challenger is Your Vote!Edit

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