Batman vs Darth VaderEdit

I will tell you a story  you have never been told.This is a story of a battle beetween Batman and Darth Vader.Batman has never believed in the force.Vader always thought Batman's strenghths were useless against him.But Batman had some tricks up his sleve.It was a dark stormy night.Darth Vader was visiting Earth.Batman wanted revenge on Vader ever since he kidnapped Alfed.Robin was about to rescue Alfred,but Robin knew there would be storm troopers guarding Alfred from excaping.Robin wanted to come from up top to take down the guards,but he had to find a way in.Robin found a vent he could crawl in to get in.As Robin got to the end of the vent he had jumped out and took down both of the guards at the same time.Robin rescued Alfred and both of them got out of there safe.When they got out Darth Vader was write in front of them,but Batman glided to take down Vader.While Vader was down Batman told Robin and Alfred to get to the batcave saflie.Once Vader got up the fight was on.Batman used his batclawls to block Vaders every move.Then Vader sliced the batclawls,but Batman came back for one more punch to the mask to defeat Vader.Then the battle was finaly over.