SAMCRO vs The JokerEdit

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals is the Reaper Crew of Charming, CA. The Joker is the most insaneist clown of Gotham City, he is the Prince of crime with his Psychopathic jokes.



The Joker is tired of GC, wants something new to mass with. He turns on the TV & watches the news of murder cases of Charming CA. The Joker is intrested into meeting this SAMCRO for Criminals meets crazy Criminal. He oders his goons to travel to Califronia to eliminate his new target, he laughs for his new threat. Jax Teller, Opie, Tig, Juice, Chibs & Bobby are at their M.C. They don't know that a band of Jokerz are coming after them.

X FactoreEdit

  1. Strength=The Sons are strong with their iron fist of 100% the Jokerz are half the amount of them.
  2. Intelligences=The Sons uses brains before bullets of 100% the Jokerz are low by not thinking before they shoot.
  3. Speed=The Sons are quick on their toes with 99% but the Jokerz are alittle slow.
  4. Kills=SAMCRO acts bloody in a battle or a war of half a million% the Jokerz are too killers, but close.

Sons of Anarchy bets the clowns & wins the crown!Edit

When the Jokerz have arrive to Teller-Morrow auto shop & then shoot their first target, they shot Opie. The Sons are being attack & they are fighting back, whlie Jax is up set of the lost of his best friend. Jax is made, they get the guns & bullets start flying. They are six Jokerz & their are five sons fighting. The Sons shoot them one by one & they save the last one for answers. Jax interrogates the last clown & he asks questions about who send him there. Joker tells him that it was the Joker from Gotham City. Jax thanks him, kills him & goses to New York to meet this Joker!