Jackson "Jax" Teller vs The JokerEdit

Jax the son of John Thomas Teller & President of SAMCRO at Charming CA. The Joker is the most feared person of Gotham City NY.



Jax is at Gotham City to kill the man who killed Opie & then he'll do some sick things to him. The Joker talks to him about putting a smile on his face & laughs.

X FactorEdit

  1. Strength=Jax is more stronger then The Joker with 100%
  2. Intelligences=Jax is in The Joker area & the Joker is crazy, but is also smart with his 150%
  3. Speed=Jax is fast of 99%, but The Joker is snicky with 100%
  4. Kills=They are both the same with their kills in the past, so it's a drew of a thousand/thousand.

Jax Teller & The Joker is a drew match of death!Edit

It's starts off when Jax passes all the Joker's tricks, traps & now he finds him sitting on his site. Jax pulls his gun, shoots him in the back at the head & he realizes that he shot a fake. The Joker is behind Jax & he laughs with one of his favorite punch lines. Jax is not laughing, but Joker wants him to smile with his flage gun & Jax is tired of this clown. He pulls his gun, so dose Joker & they both shot each other. The two teriffing criminal are dead from a tuff battle.