"Boston" Rob Mariano-Winner of Survivor Redamption Island.

Chris "CT" Tamburello-The Runner up on The Inferno Il.

Who Is Deadlist?


Rob is a Survivor All-star he played Survivor 3 times. 1st time he was partnered up with Amber. 2nd time he was in The Villains side. 3td he won the Tittle of Redamption Island. CT been fights & win Challenges. one fight was with Adam. He's enemies are Wes, Kenny, Jhonny, Tylor & Evan. In Revals he made girlfrinds on the way with Mandy & Lural.

X FactoreEdit

My thouts are these 2 are really good at osicals, they are elfltic & at Challenges that. Is Strength & Speed.

  1. Wight-CT is havyer than Rob & CT also maybe Stronger then him. (CT's100/Rob's50) cm
  2. Brains-Rob knows how to play survivor by thinking smart. CT well is not stupid i can tell you that. (Rob's100/CT's62)%
  3. Speed-Both are fast canpard with challnages & i think if they both were agant earth on Amazion Race. Tt woud be a ti. (Rob's50/CT's175) M.P.H.

  4. Wins-Rob won alot of Immunity challenges, won alot of rewards & finds Idols-CT won 5+7+4+10 Challenges also won 4+6 Life Savers in 7 seasons.

I think the Deadlist Challegner is you vote!Edit

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