-Br-eaking An-Ar-chy

Jax Teller
Dexter Morgan
Johnny Klebitz
Walter White

[35Br]eaking An[18Ar]chyEdit

Its a square crossfire with four of my favorite fantasies from tv series, a video game and they all are alike. It will be a grusum blood battle of two teams: by having a good team verses the evil!

Charming, CA's SAMCRO vs Liberty City, NY's LOST MCEdit

In Liberty City where Johnny Klebitz is at the LOST headquarters, but meets a person with lots of pound of Meth and that what the LOST wanted to do buisness with. All he wants in return is having a Meth buisness at a place called Charming in CA. But Johnny asks for his name, he gives him his card & he loves doing buisness with a legend.

New Character: プッシー