The Story has the best cast in fiction to reality. The Agents of ISIS from Archer, mostly from GTA V and my favorite movie characters.

Sterling Archer
Lana Kane
Malory Archer
Ray Gillette
Dr. Krieger
Cheryl Tunt
Pam Poovey

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Sterling Archer, Malory Archer, Lana Kane, Ray Gillette, Krieger, Brett and Bryan. Verses Trevor Philips, Chef from GTA V, (Dwayne King, Travis Cord, Juicey from 30 minutes or less), (Ted Jones from the Pineapple Express), Gray and Jimbo from the Big White 2005 film, the main villian Dr. Evil

ISIS's top dangerous missionEdit

At "ISIS" International Secret Intelligence Service headquarters located in NY. Sterling, Malory, Lana, Ray and Krieger are in real life version for this story. Malory broth everyone for one of ISIS's top dangerous mission known to intelligence. Malory has Intel of secret terrorist organization, international criminals and drug war all happening at this exact moment, Malory wonders why. Sterling: Maybe it's all related, think about it; A terrorist organization has relations with international crime thing that you mentioned and now a drug ring is being apart of this "primed-conspiracy" and it's badass isn't it? Malory: You may have a point Sterling, so on this mission you need operatists: Lana, Ray and Krieger. Sterling: What a mint, What the shit mother you have Kriger as Agent, why. Malory: Because we need a repayment for Cyril because of you. Sterling: Oh come on Mother, I told you I was shooting at the enemy, it's not my fault he MIA like a pussy and he got shot. Kriger: And he will recover for awhile, also I have been shooting at targets, but now I'm ready for blood!!! Sterling: Creepy, what about Ray, his a cyborg that can't, witch was probably my fault. Ray: Probably, you mean mostly. Kriger: I can fix that. Kriger turn his legs on as a rebut and his happy now. Sterling: Ok those two are ok, but you can't bring Lana into this. Malory and Lana: Why! Sterling: Because you pregnant remember. Lana: Oh shit I forgot. Malory: We'll I'll just have Bret and Bryan on this mission. And Sterling this is a very dangerous mission, be carful. Sterling: Mother I prom us this mission won't be the death of me, unless if I get really badly shot that is. Malory: Sterling! Sterling :What, I'm just saying, I'm not gonna pussy out of this, unless it involves a alligator feeding frenzy, because that will make me scared shitless, just thinking about makes me Wanna shit myself and I just did.


working for[11]

Later on that drug ring has Icepick from American Dad but he change his name Merdick with his drug gang; Winstock is the one with the mustache, Kiane the one with the scar and Redington is the redhead. They work for the Drug lord Ted Jones and they are in Los Santos, looking for a criminal internationalist named Trevor Phillips of Trevor Phillips Industries. Ted Jones is on the phone with Merdick at his safe house and he wants him put down like a dog that he is with a big reward. Merdick says he'll find him, but asks why him and Ted explains that he pissed on, then hangs up on him. Merdick and the his gang got in their truck and they didn't notice that Trevor was hiding in a alley, he herd everything. So he gose to his traller for somthing to deal with them. Trevor: Ron, get me a few numbers for hiring, becouse we need to get rid of a bounch of pricks. Ron: why? Trevor: Becouse they want me Ron, Wade get Chef on board. Wade: Ok. Trevor on the phone with Chef: Chef, I need you. Chef: with what. Trevor: You every herd of a Drug dealer name Ted Jones. Chef: I though he was a drug dealing asshole. Trevor: He was, but now we are going to war with asshole, you ok with that. Chef: Yes Trevor and I know few guys you mint wont on your side. Trevor: Good bring them in. Wade: now what. Trevor: NOW WE WAIT!

Trevor meets Dwayne King, Travis Cord and Juicy from (30 Minutes or less) with Chef

Chef is at Los Angeles to meet his friends Dwayne King, Travis Cord and Juicy for a thing to do. Dwayne: It's good to see you man, but why did you bring use to CA, only pussies live here. Then Travor: You calling me a pussy. Dwayne: Who the f--- is this f-----. Travis: t's Trevor Phillips. Juicy: The most scarist motherf----- in CA. Travor: Hello hot stuff, you look like a f------ scarlet, is what you are, becouse I can tell you that I'm a Canadian. Juicy: No shit. Trevor: Yeah shit. Dwayne to Chef: Is he hitting on my girl. Trevor to Dwayne: SHUT THE F--- UP. Trevor: I'm trying to do buisness with your boss. Dwayne: Actually, I'm the boss, she is a nothing but a striper. Trevor to Juicy: Is he full of shit, becouse I do belive a word he said. Juicy: No, I'm the leader. Trevor: You want me wipe your bitch for you. Dwayne: I ant no one's bitch. Juicy: You may. Dwayne to Trevor: Don't belive this bitch ok bro, she'll... Trevor: You what I do for a living, I kill people who are my bitches and the way you talking needs to be more reasonable or I'll break your F------ face untile you bleed. Dwayne: Ok, I'm sorry, she's the boss. Travor to Travis: Anybody else wants to say somthing to me. Travis: No and gets Dwayne back up. Travor: Ok, looks lik.. But he talks to a stranger who was looking at him. Travor yells: The F--- you looking at. He says noting, Trevor bashed his noise and calls him a liar!!! Chef is alittle scared like Juicy, but Dwayne and Travis are mostly scared of him.