Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell vs Vaas Montenegro vs Merle DixonEdit

This is a three way Anagonist battle: Theodore Bagwell nicknamed T-Bag is the mad man from Fox Rivers State Penitentiary in Joliet, IL. Vaas Montenegro is a Secondary Dicktator of Pirates on an Island & also he is Rakyat. Merle Dixon is the main Anagonist survivor of an Apocalypse in Georgia & woodbury. They are my most favrite villains shows & video game.


It all starts on a small Island near Georgia; Merle Dixon is there for getting away from the Walkers, T-Bag washed off of shore for his final escape from prison & Vaas is there becouse he called it first. Merle thinks he is not goanna let no scarface like him take over the island near his state & T-Bag agrees with him.

X FactorEdit

  1. Strangth=The one is more dominable is Merle with his 75% Vaas is dicktive with his 60% & T-Bag has 50%
  2. Intelligence=Merle is a neglectful like his family with 50% Vaas is a dicktator without a brian with 60% & T-Bag is smart with 100%
  3. Speed=Merle is not slow when he figths with 40% Vaas is kind ah slow as a leader with 25% & T-Bag isn't slow as an escape artist with 50%
  4. Kills=They are both like animals who have the same amount of kills with 100%

The simulation will tell you who is the winner!Edit

As they start fighting; Merle is has his eye on the major threat of his island & T-Bag is on his side. Vaas is defending himself from this gringos in his words white guys. Merle keeps trying to get close to him, but Vaas calls him an old man & push him to the ground like one. Vaas tells Merle: hasta al vista motherfucker. But T-Bag stabes him in the back of his skull with his sharp prosthetic arm, Merle thanks him for saving his life & T-Bag asks him to not mention it, litteraly. T-Bag shoot Merle for tricking him & he bares the bodies on his Island called Bagwell.