The Anagonist War & Battle of 2012-13Edit



One of the Anagonists is the President of the Monroe Republic & Commanding General of the Monroe Militia is Sebastian "Bass" Monroe Verse the Govenor of Woodbury, GA Philip Blake of a Apocalyped world. Bass has a military forces of 2027 since Fifteen years before the Blackout in 2012. Gov. Philip has been fighting the walking dead since his wife died & his daugther Penny that is a Walker too. This two evil leaders can be dictators from their story, but if they come together in a dictive war of taking over.


  1. Logistics~They both are kind alike with being evil & all, Monroe has manny members of Militias army in their Independence Hall in PA as their Base, all over North America + Canada. The Govenor has a few men + Ammunition of weapons. Over a 100% vs 100%
  2. Tactics~They both have diffrent tactics in war & a battle. Monroe has all his men traned for everything, even with his bestfriend Miles. The Govenor has his men traned too & he made them fearless to fight Walkers or Biters. Over 50% vs 50%
  3. Leadership~They both made a few laws & somthings that you should know about them. Monroe has made an Baltimore Act of having the citizens of the republic for not using guns, but Militia. The Govenor shows that he has a secret room of decaplitized head from Walkers & he dosn't let anyone, not even his people shows him who he realy is. Monroe has 100% The Govenor has 90%
  4. Kills~They & their men have kill people for reasons before or after their storyline. Monroe & his army have killed some, but they can be killed by Monroe's closest enemies. The Govenor's people have been killed, but they can enfoce of revange as Monroe would do. They both have 99%


In somewhere near Woodbury GA, The Militia army are trooping around the state of Georgia in the infected areas with Walkers. But they didn't pose a treat to Militia, but then Woodberry's enforcers are a treat to Militia. They fight while gun shooting, blood spilling & bodies are being eating by scavingers, all, but the Govenor of Woodbury Philip. He tourches one of the Militias that is still alive, but badly hurt. He tells him that Sebastian Monroe had given the order, Philip thinks he should find him & he should kill him for coming to his territory. In Independece Hall, Bass is mapping new territories to expaned Militia & his Republic. But he meets Govenor of Woodbury Philip Blake, they are both talking to one & another. Monroe knows his lastname is Blake & he tells him about his past with his family, even he has cut off heads of walkers that he was a fan of his work. Bass has been watching him when the infection has breaked & Philip tries to think of the man that Monroe is. He thinks that he is the man who lost a friend, witch that was his better geas & that geas makes Bass made. They fight with their weapons & they start off with their swords, Bass uses his Militia sword, Philip uses his Woodbury blade. They are both are good at fighting for their evilish ranpage. It turns out that Philip is stronger by stabing him in the sholder, but Bass is more smarter then Philip by blowing his head off with his gun. They were both bad Anagonists but I perfer Monroe then the Govenor & this is my favrite tie yet.