In this battle is where I show you the most terrorizing creators of NY. Our first and very famus animal of Big Apple is the Nucleared giant lizard in 1998 named Godzilla. Next is the Exraterrestrial from another world, landed in Cloverfield, New York & its called "The Cloverfield Monster. Edit


Strenght-Both monsters are both stronge, stronge enough to nock down a building, so 50/50 sounds fair.Edit

Intelligences-I have to say a creator on their planet first knows what his doing with 100% but Clover hasn't show any smarts to save him or what ever the hell it is with 10%Edit

Speed-I'll tell you right off the bat that Im a lizard lover, ever kind of them show the speed & back bone with 99% but Clover on the other hand, I don't know what it is so 33%Edit

Kills-In Godzilla; I saw soldiers that where burnt, stomed & crushed with 100+50% And I saw Cloverfield, I didn't see that monster do anything, but let it bugs do the work for him 0r her. So with that it suck with 30+gross%Edit


In New York City, the return of Godzilla, not the first one, but the second one & somehow the damn alien shows up asking for its mommy, J.J. Abrams said that and I loved LOST by the way. As it goes around calling it moma, stupidly, Godzilla gives him a fire ball. That strick one for Clover, but it pissed, so theirs the real action comes along. They are both strongly match, but Godzilla played him smart by spit at him in the eye with fire, thats strick two, one more strick and he is out. So the big alien baby cries of pain & dosen't notice that Godzilla went underground. As he looks around look for the monster who is kicking it's ass & then he goes down for the count. Godzilla is bring the big flames now & he gives the son of a bitch strick three. Godzilla BBQed that asshole for coming to his home not asked. Godzilla show his 300% of his win & Clover showed it's lose of 123%+Gross.