If you want to Survive, then your goanna have to learn to hunt for your live and Hunting is the key to Survival


Accalia is a skilled hunter for many categories of surviving: in the wilderness, scavenging though the cities and supply runs. She is with a native tribe called "The Wolf pack. The strengths they use is brutality and wild instincts against the dead, or others that are a threat. They live in Tucson, AZ and she is the top one in the class. They teach their tribe how to survive by teaching them to use weapons, using guns faraway distance because they are smart to keep what they have safe.


Nothing is known about her but, she loves to hunt, fish, tracking and teaching children the something. Her weapons are a revolver for protection and her special for survival is a Khukuri machete. She dose have a weakness for infants that remains of her past.

Accalia's Khukuri